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BSECBuilding Supervisor for Emergency Conditions
BSECBase Structure Evaluation Committee
BSECBachelor of Science in Economics
BSECBlack Sea Economic Cooperation
BSECBuilding Schools Exhibition and Conference (UK)
BSECBrooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (Brooklyn, NY)
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3 per cent of GDP and employs over 10 per cent of the workforce," added Bassam Frem, Vice-President at BSEC.
Ronald Yazbeck, general manager of BSEC, said: "BSEC, which arranged this transaction in challenging times in Egypt, is pleased to have met the financial and structuring needs of IPS and holds great prospects for the group as it sets its footprint in the region.
BSEC MENA offers UK companies the first steps to take advantage of theavailable prospects by introducing them to governments across the MENAregion over two days of networking and through a comprehensive conferenceprogramme covering the full spectrum of issues including design,construction and management of schools, universities and colleges and theirlocation within sustainable communities.
Nomenclature CR Compression ratio BP Brake power BSEC Brake specific energy consumption bmep Brake mean effective pressure CO Carbon monoxide HC Hydrocarbon NO Nitrogen oxide PM Particulate matter JME Jatropha methyl ester E5 85% Diesel+ 5% Ethanol+10%Biodiesel (D85E5B10) E10 80% Diesel+10% Ethanol+10%Biodiesel (D80E10B10) E15 75% Diesel+15% Ethanol+10%Biodiesel (D75E15B10) E20 70% Diesel+20% Ethanol+10%Biodiesel (D70E20B10) E25 65% Diesel+25% Ethanol+10%Biodiesel (D65E25B10)
In such circumstances, fuel additive SO-2E favors autoignition and complete burning of fuel mixtures improving the efficiency of engine performance, reducing the bsec rate and harmful emissions.
Indeed, the single greatest impediment to the development of strategy has been the problem of an alphabet soup of ad hoc institutions (GUUAM, BSEC, CDC, and Black Sea Forum) competing to become the executive agent of the Black Sea project.
The BSEC approved a proposal in 1996 that the Centre be housed in Athens.
21) As of 2007, BSEC members include Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.
We have used our observer status in BSEC to promote environmental awareness, such as a seminar on sharing best practices across the region last September.
SafeNet ProtectDrive is offered under the SmartBUY program with benefits that no other vendor can match, including the inclusion of SafeNet ProtectPack, a file encryption utility also featuring FIPS 140-2 validation, as well as BSEC PK smart card middleware support.
The BSEC seeks public opinion on draft rules of venture capital and equity finance.
A meeting of the transport ministers of the BSEC member states will take place on April 16 at the Grand Hotel Sofia, which will be attended by the organization's Secretary General Victor Tvircun.