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BSECBachelor of Science in Economics
BSECBlack Sea Economic Cooperation
BSECBrooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (Brooklyn, NY)
BSECBuilding Schools Exhibition and Conference (UK)
BSECBuilding Supervisor for Emergency Conditions
BSECBase Structure Evaluation Committee
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Integration with the systems of "single points of contact" of other countries of BSEC and other regions.
The analysis suggests that between the three country groups, BSEC, CEB and EU-15, there exist common determinants, and credit ratings tend to be correlated with the same set of variables: gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, debt and a collective set of indicators for the quality of the institutional environment.
3 per cent of GDP and employs over 10 per cent of the workforce," added Bassam Frem, Vice-President at BSEC.
BSEC also recently closed a securitization deal for Dima Healthcare.
Ronald Yazbeck, general manager of BSEC, said: "BSEC, which arranged this transaction in challenging times in Egypt, is pleased to have met the financial and structuring needs of IPS and holds great prospects for the group as it sets its footprint in the region.
BSEC director Mobarak Hossain stated that Honda owns a 70 percent share in Bangladesh Honda Private Limited, with the rest owned by Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation.
The Japanese automobile giant will own 70 percent stake in the company, called Bangladesh Honda Private Limited, with the rest owned by Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation, said BSEC director Mobarak Hossain.
The full importance of the meeting between Benelux and BSEC emerges in this context.
BSEC, founded in June 1992 ('Istanbul declaration'), aims to strengthen political and economic multilateral cooperation to ensure the region's stability.
Commissioned by education conference BSEC and completed by 87 heads of secondary schools, the survey found that 93% of respondents felt improving school buildings in poor condition had a positive effect on attainment.
The BSEC originated in the UK five years ago and has since expanded to include the MENA region.
One promotional campaign was about the Buying & Selling eContent (BSeC) conference--if you want to attend the BSeC conference next month, you may still be eligible to get a free Kindle ebook reader just for signing up.