BSEFBaltics Small Equity Fund (Tallinn, Estonia)
BSEFBlack Sea Environmental Fund
BSEFBristol Sport Education Forum (UK)
BSEFBromine Science and Environmental Forum
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BSEF engages more than 1,000 children and young people per week in at least one hour of high quality physical activity or sport.
BSEF says that the draft report concludes that deca-BDE does not present a risk to human health.
The Bromine Scientific and Environmental Forum, BSEF, welcomes the decision by the state of California to exclude from this law another PBDE flame retardant, Deca-BDE.
The global market demand for BFRs in 2001, as reported by the BSEF (2003), is shown in Table 1.
BSEF plans to introduce a Website to facilitate access to information on industry products, current issues, and research in progress.