BSEGBroadband Services Expert Group (Australia)
BSEGBit Segment (assembly language directive)
BSEGBig Stuff-Eating Grin (polite form)
BSEGBig Screen Entertainment Group
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We are all very pleased with these three films and the outlook of the company overall," stated BSEG President, David Zappone.
BSEG has also formed a strong marketing alliance with several media outlets.
BSEG has completed three films, three films in post-production, five films and an MMORPG and three casual games in development.
BSEG currently has sales reps for their numerous titles at MipCom.
In addition, IFilm has given Big Screen over 50 titles to sell at the American Film Market, giving BSEG a total of over 70 films to distribute at this year's market, also increasing cash flow and revenue for the company.
Gireada develop and acquire numerous games for this new division of BSEG, as we become publishers in this area," Kates continued.
BSEG plans to produce the first of four pictures in the family action franchise, CODE NINJA in early 2009 in Michigan, as well as a number of other genre pictures.
BSEG currently has two films completed, two films in post-production, one film in pre-production and four films in development.
The OTCIQ service enables publicly traded companies, such as BSEG, to achieve financial transparency and provide a high level of comfort to shareholders.
BSEG will roll out the game in two separate stages.
On Thursday, most of Big Screen management heads north to Eureka, California for the Wild Rivers 101 Film Festival where a number of BSEG projects and personnel are being honored.
BSEG (OTC:BSEG) has acquired world rights to the new French language vampire film, SODIUM BABIES, co-directed by brothers Benoot and Julien Decaillon.