BSEIBureau de la Sécurité des Équipements Industriels (French: Safety Office of Industrial Equipment)
BSEIBig Sur Environmental Institute (California)
BSEIBeam Steering Electrical Interface
BSEIBerkeley Summer Engineering Institute (University of California, Berkeley; Berkeley, CA)
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In the case of the GCC data, K is less than three for the BSEI, the KSEI, and Saudi Arabia's Altadawul general index.
TABLE 3 Descriptive Statistics of the GCC Stock Indices and the WTI Spot/Futures Oil Prices, 2/15/1994-12/25/2001 BSEI KSEI MSMI NBADI SAUDI WTIS Mean 0.
The event was intended to create a forum for discussing the applications of DigitalGlobe satellite imagery and ways to improve application technologies, as well as fostering relationship-building and smooth coordination among BSEI, DigitalGlobe and end-users of the data in China.
Al-Quds quoted Government Spokesperson Ihab Bseis as stating: It is required to give precedence to the Palestinian national interest ]over any other considerations[ and consolidate efforts toward solving the escalating crises.