BSENBiological Systems Engineering
BSENBritish Standard European Norm
BSENBedfordshire Social Enterprise Network (also seen as BedSEN; UK)
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The indoor temperature data were also analyzed via the CIBSE and BSEN overheating risk assessment approaches.
In September 2008 the new European standard BSEN 62305:2006, Protection against Lightning, superseded the previous British standard BS 6651:1999, Protection of Structures against Lightning, and created the need for companies to re-evaluate their compliance.
In addition, we have BSEN ISO 9001:2000 accreditation and are working within the code of practice for labour providers.
Aerospace heat treatment specialist Wallwork Heat Treatment Ltd of Bury has been awarded full BSEN 9100 accreditation, to cover heat treatment and allied processes for aerospace components.
These components are designed and constructed to European Standard BSEN 12953 and will be independently inspected by Lloyds Register, the certification of which is accepted by UK insurance authorities.
The best specs have the CE symbol and are marked BSEN 1836:1997 and UV400.
If buying new lights look for the CE mark and compliance with BSEN 60598-2-20.
This company is accredited to BSEN ISO 9001:1994 for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of rubber and plastic processing machinery.
The overarching mission of BSEN (encompassing agricultural, food and biological engineering) is to "integrate life and engineering for the enhancement of complex living systems.
Approved to LPCB LPS 2070 and BSEN 12845 standards, Balmoral's new inhibitor provides a 30% reduction in pump suction pressure requirements.