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BSEPBile Salt Export Pump
BSEPBlack Sea Environmental Program
BSEPBasic Skills Education Program
BSEPBaltic Sea Environmental Proceedings
BSEPBrain Stem Evoked Potential (audiology)
BSEPBirmingham Sustainable Energy Partnership (est. 2003; UK)
BSEPBaystate Springfield Educational Partnership (Springfield, MA)
BSEPBistable Electroactive Polymer
BSEPBicycle Safety Education Program
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Abbreviations ATP Adenosine Tri Phosphate BSEP Bile Salt Export Pump MDCKII Madin-Darby Canine Kidney Type II OAT Organic Anion Transporter OATP Organic Anion Transport Protein OCT Organic Cation Transporter MRP Multi Resistance Protein
Not all children with BSEP deficiency will develop cancer, but those who did carried the faulty gene.
292, 322; BSEP, 1 (1846), 109, 113, 116; see also C.
BSEP, 2 (1847), 5-22, especially 14-17; also NAV 5th serie, 10 (1847), 299-318; 9 (1847), 326-67.
In the present study, the potential of miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol to modify the hepatic enzymes involved in bile salt transportation including BSEP and MRP2, were examined in comparison with estradiol.
Not all children with BSEP deficiency will develop cancer, but those who did develop the cancer all carried the faulty gene, the researchers said.
The BSEP regulates bile salt-dependent bile flow and is important in the elimination of many endogenous and exogenous steroids.
Expression of a wide array of human ABC transporters (MDR1, MDR2/3, MRP1, MRP2, MRP3, MRP4, MRP5, MRP6, MXR, BSEP and others) and rodent (rat, mouse) transporters in various expression systems (e.
The BSEP is a coalition of organisations with energy interests including Birmingham City Council, Energywatch, Hestia, EAGA partnership, Groundwork, Factor 4, NEA, Environment Agency and Climate Change Solutions.
Under BSEP, private bus operators are being roped in to supplement the services of public transport operators to smoothen peak hour congestion and waiting time.
The statement has further revealed that the BSEP has facilitated overhaul 93 bus services and added that commuters in several areas of Singapore are likely to witness superior service.