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BSERBrain Stem Evoked Response (Audiology)
BSERBrain Stem Electric Response (audiometry)
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A trained audiologist, with at least a master's degree, should perform the BSER test; the equipment is now available in most cities.
In the draft rule issued in June 2014, EPA determined the BSER based on state specific potentials for emission reductions utilizing four "building blocks" that include both traditional smokestack controls as well as "beyond the fence line" measures, namely improving the efficiency of coal plants, increasing dispatch of existing natural gas plants, deploying renewable and nuclear power generation, and reducing demand by means of energy efficiency.
at 1468 (noting that key factors in a BSER determination include both costs and technological feasibility); see, e.
Order by check to BSER c/o Karin Orsi, 286 Auburn St.
BSER has contacted both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and NYSE Regulation, Inc.