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BSESBritish Schools' Exploring Society
BSESBureau of Sugar Experiment Stations (Australia)
BSESBombay Suburban Electric Supply
BSESBureau of Street and Environmental Services (San Francisco, CA)
BSESBritish Steel Engineering Steels Ltd. (British Steel PLC; UK)
BSESBiology Self-Efficacy Scale
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Norwegian officials ruled that Horatio's death resulted from "a number of unfortunate circumstances" but stressed the BSES did not act negligently under criminal law.
At Fortini, the 0-5 cm and 50-60 cm horizons are higher in aryl C at the old site and, at BSES, only the 50-60 cm horizon is higher at the old site.
A BSES spokeswoman added: "There were about 80 people all told in the expedition.
It will have capacity to generate 10MW of electricity per day, of which DIAL would use only about half, while the surplus would be sold to private-sector distribution company BSES, owned by the Tata group, to bridge the gap between the ever growing demand and dwindling supply situation in the city.
Dennis holds a BSES degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Texas.
A BSES spokesperson said the CAG is yet to conduct the exit conference before finalising the audit report and hence the media reports suggesting financial bungling were incorrect.
This strong-arm intimidating tactics by BSES discoms is bound to leave the people of Delhi suffering, and they have expressed fears about facing the possibility of regular power cuts.
Svalbard's governor Odd Olsen Ingero has ruled the death resulted from "a number of unfortunate circumstances", but he stressed the BSES did not act negligently under criminal law.
The youngster, from Salisbury in Wiltshire, was described as a "fine young man" by the BSES.
Yesterday BSES announced it had decided to end the pounds 3,000-per-head expedition on the advice of the Svalbard authorities and in accordance with the wishes of the group leaders.
The boy who died was named as 17-year-old Horatio Chapple, from Salisbury in Wiltshire, by the BSES.
Amy hopes the stunt will help her reach a pounds 4,500 fundraising target to cover the cost of a five-week expedition to the Peruvian Amazon next year with youth development charity BSES Expeditions.