BSFPBoating Safety and Facilities Program (Boating Industry Association of Victoria; South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
BSFPBulgarian-Swiss Forestry Programme
BSFPBoston Schweitzer Fellows Program (fellowship program; Boston, MA)
BSFPBrake, Support, Flex and Propel (Timberland)
BSFPBig Screen Flat Panel
BSFPBritish Survey of Fertiliser Practice (UK)
BSFPBlanket Supplementary Feeding Project (World Vision)
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According to the BSFP newsletter, the project is a collaborative effort to connect students and their families with nearby farms to bring more hands-on agriculture education to schools.
The subsidiaries have been uniquely designed by Bear Stearns to provide its customers with the choice of transacting with either BSFP, a continuation structure, or BSTRM, a termination structure.
Standard & Poor's has assigned a AAA rating classification to BSFP and a AAAt rating to BSTRM.
The training focused on objectives of BSFP, the BSFP ration (corn-soya blend, dried skimmed milk, sugar and vegetable oil), and key messages for the caregivers.
As a follow-up to the Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme (BSFP) lessons learned workshop, WFP and partners have started operational planning, community sensitization campaigns and verification exercises in preparation for BSFP 2009 implementation.
Furthermore, as a follow-up to the BFSP lessons learned workshop, WFP and Cooperating partners have started operational planning for BSFP 2009 implementation.
This concludes the BSFP in the camp for this season, which was initiated earlier this year to mitigate malnutrition levels that traditionally rise during the hunger period.
The training aims to sensitize beneficiary households on how to prepare the BSFP premix, proper storage and good hygiene practices.
A WFP monitoring team visited Al Salam IDP Camp to monitor a BSFP distribution for about 12,000 children under-five.
Meanwhile, the WFP-supported BSFP, in effect since March 2008, continues to reach over 14,000 children under-five in Ed Daein.