BSGABritish Sign and Graphics Association (Cambridgeshire, UK)
BSGABussy Saint Georges Athletisme (French fitness club)
BSGABureau of State Government Affairs (American Osteopathic Association)
BSGABachelor of Science in Governmental Administration
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The BSGA claimed more people ate more sprouts during 2002/2003 than in previous recent years, reversing a trend which had seen the vegetable's popularity decline.
Apparent nest success was 43% at BSGA and FTCU in 2004 and 52% at FTCU in 2005.
In 23 territories intensively monitored at BSGA in 2003, six nests and one recently fledged brood were found, and nine fledglings (3.
Nests at BSGA and FTCU averaged 19-20 m in height; typical (pre-ice storm) nest height in a southern Ontario population was 11.
32 male fledglings/breeding male at BSGA (2003) and FTCU (2004) and 0.
Corvids, therefore, are candidates for causing nest failure in Cerulean Warblers at BSGA and FTCU.
At BSGA in 2003, females were not detected on 8 of 23 territories (35%); thus, some females may have been missed.
Nest-tree Site Nest-tree dbh height Nest height BSGA 45.
BSGA is currently managed for multiple wildlife conservation purposes, including the production of game and nongame species.
The BSGA will also be taking a stand at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham on November 29 to December 3.