BSGRBratislava Self-Governing Region (Slovakia)
BSGRBare Surface Graffiti Remover (product)
BSGRBlair Society for Genealogical Research, Inc. (Kentucky)
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BSGR denies all the allegations, saying in a press release, "The Guinean government is relying on fabricated claims, compromised witnesses and illegitimate processes to justify President Alpha Conde's carefully orchestrated plan to reward political allies.
An FBI sting resulted in Frederic Cilins, a BSGR representative, being charged with destroying evidence and tampering with a witness.
BSGR conceded it had used Cilins as a representative of the company, but stipulated that he was not an employee.
The email was in response to a Tax Information Exchange Agreement notice from the US government into BSGR.
Windpoint, a company known to belong to BSGR, was represented by Onyx, a financial advisory group that itself had a long-standing relationship with BSGR.
BSGR has claimed that Pentler was set up independently.
Is Onyx, as claimed, a separate fiduciary agent and adviser--as described by BSGR, "wholly separate and fully independent of BSGR?
Another entity working in tandem with Onyx, and also seemingly separate is Margali Management Corp, a company that has often acted as sole director on many Steinmetz firms, including Koidu Holdings and Octea in Sierra Leone where BSGR has controlling interests in one of the world's most valuable diamond mines, and a myriad of others.
BSG Resources later claimed, "Lacking a permanent presence in Guinea, BSGR sought to work with Michael Noy, Avraham Lev Ran and Frederic Cilins, who had extensive business operations in Guinea, which they subsequently established as Pentler Holdings.
But this does not answer the question of Margali Management or Onyx and what they represent within the BSGR empire.