BSHPBritish Society for the History of Pharmacy
BSHPBritish Society for the History of Philosophy (St. Peter's College; Oxford, England, UK)
BSHPBirmingham Social Housing Partnership (UK)
BSHPBihar State Highways Project (India)
BSHPBachelor of Science in Health Professions (degree; various schools)
BSHPByron Shire Holiday Parks (Australia)
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Our Partners - BSHP works closely with the Birmingham City Council, Solihull Community Housing, Midlands Area Councils, Urban Living, the National Housing Federation, and the Tenant Serv-v ices Authority.
A full list of BSHP members is available on the website - http://www.
The BSHP is relying on a research action model to document boarding school abuses.
The BSHP sees the demand for reparations as part of an anticolonial strategy.
To date, the BSHP has succeeded in organizing the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church to pass resolutions in support of boarding school reparations.
8) BSHP modify the Nash Demand Game by "fuzzing" the boundary of the feasible space, meaning that as Alice and Bob's demands move through the frontier of the feasible space, the probability that these demands are compatible drops continuously from one to zero (rather than dropping abruptly from one to zero as in the original Nash Demand Game).
In their experiment, BSHP randomly assigned their subjects to one of four treatments.