BSIDBayley Scale of Infant Development
BSIDBritish Society for Investigative Dermatology
BSIDBachelor of Science in Industrial Design
BSIDBrenodi Sixth Infantry Division (gaming)
BSIDBay Station Identification
BSIDBusiness Systems and Integration Division
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To ensure reliability of administration, the psychologists discussed the administration of each item potentially included in an assessment of toddlers and administered the BSID to several children together to ensure standardization of presentation and measurement.
Eclipse(TM) has been designed to provide many of the inputs that VICTORY needs, then the IDE quickly creates test vectors in industry standard Serial Vector Format (SVF) to be applied by Eclipse(TM) and diagnosed by Teradyne's BSID.
Both of the preceding tests are limited to children whose skills are typical of children in the sensorimotor period of development, or just a few months beyond in the case of the BSID.
In addition to the psychomotor scale of the BSID, the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales (Folio & Fewell, 1983) are standardized scales of gross and fine motor skills from the birth-to-7-year range.
40 BICT and BSID are standard software within the Spectrum Manufacturing Test Platform.
Concentrations (a) of EPBDEs, DDE, HCB, and EPCESs (ng/g lipids) and mental and psychomotor scores of the BSID test by characteristics of mothers and children (n = 290).
analyzed 14 PBDE congeners in breast milk: Increasing concentrations of BDE-196 were associated with better language skills, whereas increasing concentrations of BDE-209 were associated with worse BSID test scores at 8-12 months of age (Chao et al.
Our study, which provides some evidence for a negative effect of PBDE exposure on early cognitive development, is larger than previous studies, and we found consistent negative associations with BSID mental scale scores across all of the PBDE congeners analyzed, though associations were not statistically significant.
Thus, the studies that administered the Fagan test were as heterogeneous as the studies that used BSID at roughly the same age.
2006) that examined the association between prenatal maternal blood levels of PCBs and BSID scores but focused on different sets of congeners, used different modeling approaches, and controlled for different covariates.
However, this report was not based on detailed developmental tests such as BSID.
Because BSID-II was not standardized in Japan, we translated a BSID-II manual in consultation with a manual for BSID, which was used in the development study reported by Kato et al.