BSIGBluetooth Special Interest Group
BSIGBinder Seidman International Group (est. 1910; now BDO International, Ltd.)
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The BSIG says this combination of security levels "makes the system extremely difficult to eavesdrop.
As consideration for the acquisition of the shares of BSIG, Brookline will issue up to 15 million common shares to the shareholders of BSIG in three equal parts with 100,000 shares issued at a deemed price of $0.
BSIG is providing financing to various SMR management companies in the United States.
Initially, BSIG will focus its financing activities on narrowband SMR ("NSMR") management companies holding licenses to operate (or management contracts in respect of) wireless communications facilities in the 220 to 222 MHz sectors.
BSIG has identified several license aggregators and has signed non-binding letters of intent with three and established discussions with a number of others with a view to entering into financing agreements.
BSIG will also hold equity interests in one or more license aggregators companies, to the extent available.
On the assumption that 150 NSMR systems are financed, it will issue 10,000,000 shares to the current BSIG shareholders under the share purchase agreement, in addition to the 7,400,000 shares described above, for a total of 38,648,636 shares, resulting in a cumulative dilution to existing shareholders of 82 percent.
SCL"), and one individual investor each own a one third interest in BSIG.