BSIPBirbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany (Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India)
BSIPBritish Solomon Islands Protectorate (1893-1976)
BSIPBasic Skills Improvement Program (remedial curriculum; various schools)
BSIPBusiness Systems Improvement Project (Tacoma, WA)
BSIPBusiness Systems Integration Project
BSIPBroad Spectrum Information Processing (intelligence)
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Early BSIP estimations in living subjects used models developed from direct measurements from a few cadavers of elderly Caucasian males (Chandler et al.
An agreement to extend the term of the existing lease agreements between BSIP and BSRE to an identical period (ten years from the closing date of the purchase agreement and an option to the lessee to extend the lease agreement for five additional years).
Within the approved transaction, all real estate property (and related leases) held by BSIP and BSIP's subsidiaries would be transferred to BSRE.
The retail activities of the Company would be centralized in BSIP pursuant to (i) an agreement for the transfer of some of the intangible assets related to the retail activities from the Company to BSIP as a tax exempt transaction pursuant to the Israeli Income Tax Ordinance [New Version] and (ii) an agreement for the transfer of the other assets and liabilities of the retail activities from the Company to BSIP primarily on the basis of their book value as reflected in the financial statements of the Company.
The company purchased all of BSIP shares held by the public (20%) for an aggregate consideration of NIS 150.
In the context of its tender offer, the Company has disclosed, among other things, the following information as understood by the Company with respect to BSIP, that is in addition to information contained in public reports published by BSIP and which may also be relevant to the Company;
The basis for negotiation will be a valuation of Hamashbir to be carried out for BSIP by an independent expert and confirmed through a "fairness opinion" for the Co-Op.
The ordinary shares of BSIP which are not owned by Blue Square are publicly held and traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
The Israel Police detained for investigation a few days ago suspects in connection with an attempted extortion of Blue Square and of BSIP.
7% of the shares of the Company's BSIP subsidiary, a transaction undertaken to assure that the Company's shares would continue to be included in the Tel Aviv 100 (TA100) Index.
During 2005, the Company's subsidiary, The Blue Square Chain Investments & Properties Ltd (BSIP), received a court approval to distribute a dividend totaling NIS 80 million from capital gains that were originally classified as a capital reserve, due to the accounting principles related to transactions between BSIP and former controlling shareholders.