BSISBureau of Security and Investigative Services (California, USA)
BSISBachelor of Science in Information Systems (various universities)
BSISBachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (various locations)
BSISBachelor of Science in Information Science (college degree)
BSISBlind Spot Information System (cars)
BSISBirth Sister (adoption)
BSISBattlefield Strategic Information System
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2, we introduce the technique used in BSIS, which conducts the search independent of the number of edges in the graph.
Like CLJP-c, BSIS depends on graph coloring, but utilizes modified routines for search and weight update.
7: BSIS Data Structure Setup 1 BSIS-SETUP(S, w, [sigma]): 2 B [left arrow] BSIS-ALLOCATE-BUCKETS(max [w.
6 with BSIS is very expensive, because some iterations of BSIS select very few C-points.
This simple solution has a dramatic effect on the performance of BSIS, although the update cost remains approximately equivalent to the cost in CLJP-c.
9: BSIS Edge-Removal Weight Update 1 BSIS-UPDATE-WEIGHTS(B, [sigma], i): 2 b [left arrow] ([w.
The audit evaluated whether the type of transfer identified on both the BSIS and wall signs was complete and accurate.
Staff performed the transfer as indicated in the BSIS 68% of the time.
The audit of BSIS and wall signs revealed that weight-bearing transfer descriptions were complete and accurate less than 37% of the time.
Incomplete information on the BSIS indicated that the RCMs needed additional training on the types of transfers and the information needed for staff to perform transfers appropriately.
After the initial six months, the BSIS described the transfer accurately 42% of the time--only a slight improvement from the 37% at baseline.
Our two companies have a demonstrated track record of successfully teaming with each other," said Peri Widener, vice president of Boeing Rotorcraft Support and chairman of the board at BSIS.