BSISBureau of Security and Investigative Services (California, USA)
BSISBachelor of Science in Information Systems (various universities)
BSISBig Shanty Intermediate School (Kennesaw, GA)
BSISBachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (various locations)
BSISBachelor of Science in Information Science (college degree)
BSISBlind Spot Information System (cars)
BSISBirth Sister (adoption)
BSISBattlefield Strategic Information System
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Characteristics of blood donors screened for Zika virus infection with cobas Zika ID-NAT at BSIS and ASEM, Puerto Rico, April 3-August 12, 2016 * Characteristic Total donors Presumptive viremic screened, no.
For us, the BSIS impact assessment not only helps to create a transparent scheme for impact measurement and improves our strategy by fruitful inputs and benchmarking, but it also significantly increases internal awareness of the importance of regional legitimation.
The BSIS scheme identifies the tangible and intangible benefits that a business school brings to the community.
In order to formally recognise the efforts schools put into undertaking the impact assessment exercise, EFMD officially transformed BSIS - Business School Impact Survey into BSIS - Business School Impact System and agreed to confer the BSIS Label upon schools going through the impact assessment process.
BSIS uses the same policies as the CLJP-c algorithm [1].
2, we introduce the technique used in BSIS, which conducts the search independent of the number of edges in the graph.
Like CLJP-c, BSIS depends on graph coloring, but utilizes modified routines for search and weight update.
Created by the Resident Care Manager (RCM), an RN responsible to keep the information updated, the BSIS addresses the type of transfer to use, as well as other pertinent resident information.
The audit evaluated whether the type of transfer identified on both the BSIS and wall signs was complete and accurate.
Staff performed the transfer as indicated in the BSIS 68% of the time.
A major factor was the ongoing investment in BSIS with delayed completion of a product.
Drawing on our joint expertise, BSIS will compete and operate as a single-source provider of local and comprehensive sustainment for the Kingdom's rotorcraft platforms.