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BSJBaby Surprise Jacket (baby garment)
BSJBureau of Standards Jamaica
BSJBiophysical Society of Japan (est. 1960)
BSJBallet San Jose (California)
BSJBook Store Junkies (Newsgroup)
BSJBureau des Services à la Jeunesse (French: Youth Services Bureau; Canada)
BSJBibliothèque Saint-Jean (French; Canadian library; University of Alberta)
BSJBroad Street Journal Online (newspaper; Barbados)
BSJBell and Spigot Joint
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3 million in company funds to BSJ "without benefiting Alliance and, apparently, despite the absence of prior approval from the Alliance board.
BSJ is chiefly owned and controlled by controversial shipping magnate Lope Jimenez with a 58.
A number of other SIMTN participants, including BSJ, CENAMEP, ICE, and TTBS are now working towards similar goals and expect to be successful.
BSJ chairman Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa said: "We are happy to announce this new system and have received positive feedback from the competitors.
Tanyi, BSJ, BSN, RN, is a Graduate Student in Family Health Nursing and a Nurse Practitioner Student, University of Wisconsin, Eau-Claire, WI.
This suggests that BSJ has a more active mind and experiences a higher state of physiological arousal than other adults during this condition.
As soon as Scott Lantz received his BSJ from Ball State University, he knew he wanted out of Middle America.
According to 1990 figures in the Prisoners in 1991 BSJ bulletin, incarceration has risen 134 percent in the last 10 years.
Nahat had founded the company in 1985 as the San Jose Cleveland Ballet, a dual-residency troupe that ultimately morphed into BSJ, and over the years became a beloved local institution in the Bay Area dance scene, even with San Francisco Ballet just 45 miles to the north.
The National Bureau of Investigation yesterday presented Robert Ponce, 44, said to be a former employee of BSJ Fishing and Trading Co.
BSJ covers an enormously wide range of topics, including the history of the use of procurement for social purposes (Chapters 2-4, 10-14); the theoretical arguments for and against the use of procurement policy for social ends (Chapter 5); the trajectory of procurement policy in numerous developed and developing states (Chapters 6-10); the on-again, off-again nature of international negotiations over procurement (Chapters 8, 11-14); procurement policy's influence on the corporate social responsibility movement (Chapter 12); and the international legality of various domestic procurement programs (Chapters 15-17).
Under the agreement, BSJ will begin supplying tires for the nose and main landing gear for the ultra-advanced A380 Airbus in the fourth quarter of 2005.