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BSKBritish School of Kuwait (est. 1978)
BSKBasking Shark (FAO fish species code)
BSKBiskra, Algeria - Biskra (Airport Code)
BSKBaptist Seminary of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)
BSKBrass Surround Kit (fireplace accessory)
BSKBack Stage Krew (band)
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BSK director Barry Kerr said: "We're proud to be involved with such a project.
She pointed out that the donation is the second to be provided by BSK for
BSK or the Belgrade Sports Club (Figure 2), the best soccer club in Serbia, was founded in 1911 after a brawl among members of Srpski mac (19) In spring of 1911, a couple of Srpski mac members arranged to play a friendly match against the famous and successful Croatian club HASK in Zagreb, (20) but didn't ask for permission from the club president Novakovic.
BSK is selling the new range through its key partner, Europa Industries.
And all this is done to keep people calm because 2011 is an election year," the BSK Chair explained.
Det Sgt Ian Pear, of Chace Avenue police, is leading the hunt for Mrs Sherry, a machine shop worker at BSK in Tile Hill, Coventry.
PACKAGING manufacturer DS Smith announced the sale of its BSK plastic coating and laminating business to BSK Materials for an undisclosed sum.
Norman Hay said it had beaten off strong competition to acquire the company, which was once part of TransTec subsidiary BSK Aluminium.
LAS VEGAS -- BSK and Tech (OTC: BSKT) has filed its application for a trademark "Image N" and was assigned serial number 77472588 for its submission.
The former machine shop worker at BSK in Tile Hill, Coventry, had taken an address book and overnight bag when she left her flat.
Meanwhile, Coventry-based Norman Hay's Surface Technology arm has bought the Industrial Impregnations division of BSK Aluminium for pounds 231,000.
PR contact BSK Becker + Schreiner Kommunikation GmbH Jutta Lorberg Tel.