BSMEPABulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (Bulgaria)
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BSMEPA is preparing legal amendments aimed at supporting small-scale entrepreneurs and companies
As regards access to public procurement, we suggest setting an obligatory quota of public procurement deals which large-scale companies will be required to assign to small and medium-sized enterprises," says Mariyana Velkova, Executive Director of BSMEPA.
Unfortunately, it is not very efficient at this stage and we plan to change the articles of association so that the intermediate unit at the BSMEPA becomes a part of a Chief Directorate at the Ministry of Economy and Energy, thereby uniting the functions of the two authorities.
On Thursday it was revealed that the BSMEPA CEO, Mariyana Velkova, had pocketed an extra payment of BGN 17 000 in 2011 for her work on an EU project.