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BSONBilateral Simultaneous Optic Neuropathy
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Data can move from MongoDB in its native BSON format and be loaded directly into Teradata, eliminating the overhead associated with data conversion and significantly improving analytic performance.
BitYota's DWS is available for the Rackspace/ObjectRocket's MongoDB service from ObjectRocket, a Rackspace company, to incrementally extract, load and store documents in BSON format from customers' MongoDB instances into BitYota's DWS running on Rackspace Cloud Servers, powered by OpenStack.
IBM will standardize on BSON, the MongoDB wire protocol and the MongoDB query language in two key application technologies: the elastic, in-memory WebSphere eXtreme Scale data grid platform and the DB2 database platform.
MongoDB is a "schema-less" database which stores its data in BSON (Binary JSON).