BSPBBulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds
BSPBBonsai Society of the Palm Beaches (Jupiter, FL)
BSPBBritish Society for Protist Biology
BSPBBrazilian Symposium on Petroleum Biotechnology
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While carrying out monthly monitoring of the Egyptian Vulture, a BSPB team found that one of the pairs in the Provadiysko-Royaksko plateau Natura 2000 area was nesting in a niche in the cliffs, which is easily accessible to people through the use of an iron structure built to develop ecotourism.
At 8pm, the BSPB team observed two tourists using the iron structure to enter the cliff niche.
The next day, BSPB began emergency protection of the nest.
However, the BSPB said that the investment needed to continue this work is far greater than commercial growers can afford without funding.
In practice, no actual payment will change hands, but the refund system will be subject to random audit by BSPB.
A statement to this effect will appear on the farm-saved seed declaration form, and on the processor or BSPB invoice.
According to BSPB, this fact strengthens hopes that efforts for the promotion of the species come to fruition.
Irina Mateeva, EU policy officer with BSPB, told EurActiv that in the months since their report about the sixteen cases of vandalism was published, little has happened.
We retain our negative view on BSPB shares and the results did little to improve our outlook.
With all of its troubles, we think BSPB could become an acquisition target for one of the better-positioned banks.
BSPB RX In September 2011 rumors appeared that one of Bank Saint-Petersburg major owners (holds over 30% stake) may choose to sell out.