BSPCABahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
BSPCABrownsville Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Brownsville, TX)
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The chairman of the Muharraq Municipal Council told the Bahrain News Agency that the BSPCA asked the Muharraq council as also the four other municipal councils -- Manama, Northern, Central and Southern -- for three year contracts to contain the menace.
The survey is important for us because nobody is doing anything in Bahrain to try solve this problem," said BSPCA operations director Paul Duke.
The children depicted their own ideas of 'happy animals at the new shelter', for example, animals riding the bus from Saar to Askar, animals lounging with iPads in the new animal welfare centre, whilst incorporating the logo and basic information from the BSPCA website.
At the BSPCA, we realise how huge this problem is, especially that the centre is dedicating 80 per cent of our time and money to dealing with strays," said Hughes.
We need the public to assist us in supplying data so that we can form an accurate picture of where and how many packs there are in the country," said Joyce Hughes, the BSPCA fundraising co-ordinator.
Hughes said after the main AWC had been constructed, the BSPCA planned to build a block of four stables that would be used for any large animals they receive, such as goats, camels, horses, sheep or baboons among others.
The BSPCA receive more than 3,000 animals annually of which they manage to find homes for a mere 300 -- less than 10 per cent.
The BSPCA Animal Welfare Centre is located in Askar.
Although there is no official census taken, fund-raising co-ordinator Joyce Hughes, of the BSPCA, said: "Most countries have population control methods in place to reduce street-dog packs and feral cat colonies and have dog wardens attached to their municipalities.
Dawn had so much fun that she went to the BSPCA the next day to walk some of the dogs again.
It just goes to show the BSPCA car boot sales are a good idea.
We believe it is the first time anybody has been remanded in custody for an animal-related crime," a BSPCA official told the GDN.