BSPPBritish Society for Plant Pathology (Berks, UK)
BSPPBritish Standard Pipe Parallel (thread)
BSPPBurmese Socialist Programme Party
BSPPBrigade des Sapeur-Pompiers de Paris (French: Fire Brigade of Paris; Paris, France)
BSPPBroadcast Station Protection Program
BSPPBlackgate Security Print and Promotions Ltd (UK)
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CT and BSPP holding, which benefit from the availability, versatility and projected stability of electric power compared to natural gas, have the potential to increase energy efficiency, reduce melt loss, reduce refractory repairs and lower manufacturing costs, while improving the workplace environment.
The DM2 Series D size 2 valve is base-mounted and available with BSPP or NPT pipe threads.
Filter units are body ported as standard with a choice of BSPP, BSPT and NPT threads.
BSPP would employ dry-cooled technology and would use 90 percent less water than previous plant designs, primarily for mirror washing, feed water and onsite domestic use.
More than ten pressure ports, including BSPP, NPT, UNF and ISO 6149-2 options, add to the unit's design flexibility.
He became chairman of the BSPP and Myanmar's president on July 27, 1988 as nationwide demonstrations for democracy swept the country.
Limit dimensions of the cooler are 147mm x 142mm (262mm for the version with bus bar) x 34mm thick, water connection is 3/8 BSPP x 34mm Deep (minimum thread depth 14mm).
There is an abundant supply of readily available off-the-shelf fittings for adapting the IRIS to nearly any type of process, including hose barb adapters, Y-connectors, size reducer/enlargers, Swagelok fittings, and threaded adapters for NPT, BBSPT, BSPP pipe.