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BSRBusiness for Social Responsibility
BSRBootstrap Router (networking)
BSRBonsoir (French)
BSRBritish Society for Rheumatology
BSRBaltic Sea Region
BSRBrevet de Sécurité Routière (French)
BSRBottom-Simulating Reflector (Geophysics)
BSRBerliner Stadtreinigung (German: Berlin Sanitation; Germany)
BSRBoard of Standards Review (ANSI term)
BSRBit Scan Reverse
BSRBritish Society of Rheology
BSRBoundary Scan Register
BSRBasic Semantic Repository
BSRBehavioral and Social Research
BSRBusiness Strategy Review
BSRBlue Sky Research (Milpitas, CA)
BSRBuzz, Squeak and Rattle (automotive)
BSRBlood Sedimentation Rate
BSRBest Service Routing
BSRBlack Squirrel Radio (Kent State University)
BSRBroad Street Run (10-mile race; Philadelphia, PA)
BSRBrigade Spéciale de Recherche (French: Special Research Brigade; Belgium)
BSRBusiness Service Representative
BSRBasal Skin Resistance
BSRBulk Shielding Reactor
BSRBasic Statistical Return (finance)
BSRGuine Bissau Airlines (ICAO code)
BSRBiotech Stock Research, LLC (independent research firm)
BSRBankers' Selling Rate (airlines)
BSRBiomasse du Stock Reproducteur (French: spawning-stock biomass, fisheries)
BSRBaltic Ship Repairers (Estonia; now BLRT)
BSRBirmingham Sound Reproducers (British stereo equipment manufacturer)
BSRBrainstem-Evoked Response
BSRBusiness Sales Representative
BSRBack Surface Reflection
BSRbending strength ratio (ratio of box member strength to pin member strength)
BSRBasic System Release
BSRBite Status Register (NASA)
BSRBretagne Soubassement Réseaux (French: Brittany Bedrock Networks; Brittany, France)
BSRByte Status Register
BSRBack Scatter Ratio
BSRBanking Service Representative
BSRBiweekly Schedules Reviews
BSRBase Spares Report
BSRBase Support Radio
BSRBusiness Strategy Report
BSRBarker Sequence Repetition
BSRBlock Shear Rupture
BSRBeavon Sulfur Removal
BSRBroadcast Seeded Rice
BSRBulbar Synchronizing Region
BSRBit Slippage Rate
BSRBusiness System Requirement
BSRBudget System of Record
BSRBuffered Sense Return
BSRBasra Iraq International Airport (airport code)
BSRBalkan Society of Radiology
BSRBarrett Sniper Rifle (US Army)
BSRBurster Size Reduction (hazardous waste, machine to cut projectile bursters prior to incineration)
BSRBasic Scientific Research (India)
BSRBusiness Secure Router (computing)
BSRBitume Slot Racing (France)
BSRBâtiment de Soutien de Région (French: Regional Support Vessel)
BSRBeneficiary Service Representative (US DoD)
BSRBase Station Repeater (telecommunications)
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BSR Trust, LLC owns and manages 47 properties comprised of approximately 9,700 units in five states.
BSR is currently focused on adding value to existing multifamily properties through upkeep and extensive renovations, rather than building new developments.
The new 60,000-square-foot headquarters features an expanded office space plus a renovated main warehouse where the BSR Services' fleet of more than 40 trucks will be stored during the winter months.
A: Revenue at the forty BSR Trust properties that initially adopted RENTmaximizer increased by 3.
While Sriramulu founded the BSR Congress in 2011, Yeddyurappa floated the KJP in December, 2012.
Se utilizo un cultivo mixto de BSR (CMBSR) aislado del agua de produccion de una estacion de flujo del occidente venezolano, con una alta salinidad, con el cual se prepararon varias madres en PGB con cloruros (PGBCl), segun la norma NACE TM0194 refrigeradas a 4[degrees]C.
In fact BSR has been shown to help with a range of conditions from general stiffness to asthma, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, insomnia and eczema.
The objectives of this research were to map BSR resistance QTL from Bell and then further localize a resistance QTL through substitution mapping methods.
The Motorola BSR 2000 is architected for system redundancy and offers robust routing and Quality of Service (QoS) to support mission critical services such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP), virtual private networks (VPN) and multimedia services.
The national BSR formed in 1992, with companies such as Levi Strauss, Reebok International, Ben & Jerry's and Rhino Records.
In responding to the charges of the appellants, BSR concluded that the record of evidence clearly shows that consensus was achieved in favor of the Standard as finally approved by the A117 Committee.