BSRCBedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation (est. 1967; New York, NY)
BSRCBiomedical Sciences Research Center (Greece)
BSRCBishops Stortford Running Club (est. 1983; UK)
BSRCBuilding Scientific Research Center (Thailand)
BSRCBuild Spacecraft Real-Time Command
BSRCBiliary Stent Replacement Cytology
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He possesses a BSRC degree and is employed by Main Line Health as a Clinical Coordinator at the Riddle and Exton Sleep Disorders Centers.
Total quantity or scope: BSRC 20/3 10-100 Kv 10 pieces with automatic adjustments BSRC 20/3 with automatic adjustment Kv 200A 3 pcs BSRC 6/3 Kv 50A with automatic adjustments 1pc BSRC 6/3 Kv 120A with automatic adjustments 1pc Estimated value excluding VAT: 1,330,000 RON
The selection panel for the BSRC appointment will be chaired by the Bank of England governor, Mark Carney.
Heidi Burkhart, senior director of Eastern Consolidated, played a crucial role in coordinating efforts between PRG and BSRC as the details of public and private financing were carefully arranged.
At a time when BSRC would have been able to capture a huge number on these portfolios, they took the high road and honored their commitment to the tenants and community by only entertaining offers that would preserve the housing as affordable," noted Burkhart.
Membership of BSRC will be voluntary and banks involved in the programme will self-report to the BSRC.
According to reports, the BSRC will be funded by the banks at a cost of between GBP7m and GBP10m annually.
Contract Award Notice: The BSRC requires a nano-drop (100nl) crystallization robot capable of accurate, reproducible dispensation of buffers and protein solutions containing non-viscous, viscous and detergent components.
After 30 days, the symbol will revert back to BSRC.