BSREBeneficial Strain-Rate Effect (structural steel)
BSREBachelor of Science in Real Estate
BSREBusiness Services for Real Estate, Inc. (Pennsylvania)
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The decrease in tax expenses derives from recording a tax asset for the Company's investments in B group and Alon Cellular and was partly offset by recording a tax provision for investments in BSRE and Diners.
As well as handling their currency, BSRE put Sam and Mary in contact with a solicitor who did all the paperwork and organised the transfer tax on the deeds, which came to a total of pounds 3,000.
In addition, some of the effects of discontinuing the consolidation is to present the assets used by Mega and held by BSRE at fair value.
On November 12, 2014, BSRE declared a dividend distribution of NIS 50 million that was paid on December 8, 2014.
5 million par value of bonds (Series E) of BSRE, see events during the reporting period.
In addition, Midroog granted A1 rating with stable outlook for bonds up to NIS 100 million par value which BSRE intends to issue by expanding one of its existing series.
The decrease mainly derives from purchase of real estate inventory by BSRE of NIS 249.
Following BSRE's shelf prospectus dated May 20, 2009 (including an amendment thereof dated July 7, 2010), a public offering of NIS 110 Million debentures was carried out successfully on July 12, 2010, following which BSRE is to receive gross proceeds of NIS 110 million.
6) On April 15, 2010, Blue Square Real Estate (BSRE) executed minutes, which was contingent upon the approval of the general meeting of BSRE shareholders, to enter into agreements to purchase, along with Gindy Investments 1 Ltd.
Following the completion of the transaction, all real estate property is held by BSRE, and all the food retail activities are now centralized in its subsidiary Mega Retail Ltd.
The transaction of the property transfer was subject to the approval of the shareholders' meeting of BSRE which was obtained on February 18, 2009 by the majority.