BSRTCBihar State Road Transport Corporation (India)
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For 2002-2005, a total of 3302 thyroid FNABs were performed in our hospital system prior to implementation of the current BSRTC.
For 2009-2011, a total of 3432 thyroid FNABs were performed in our hospital system following the implementation of the current BSRTC in mid-2008.
20) A comparison of the data from our laboratory was then made with similar recently published results from other laboratories using the BSRTC.
The AUS/FLUS category has been a controversial category since the BSRTC was published in 2008.
Because our risks of malignancy for "suspicious for follicular neoplasm" and "suspicious for Hurthle cell neoplasm" were within the 15% to 30% recommended by the BSRTC, and our risk of malignancy for "suspicious for malignancy" was only slightly higher than the 60% to 75% recommended by the BSRTC, we believe that our use of the AUS/FLUS category was appropriate and only slightly at risk of being underused.
We also compared the rate of malignant outcomes after BSRTC with previously published pre-BSRTC data from our institution for 2000-2005.
Our 19% risk of malignancy is slightly above the 15% risk of malignancy in the BSRTC.