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BSSBroken Social Scene (band)
BSSBasic Service Set
BSSBusiness Support System
BSSBrazilian Soccer Schools
BSSBase Station System
BSSBehavioral and Social Sciences
BSSBalanced Salt Solution (trademark of Alcon Laboratories, Inc.)
BSSBangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (News Agency, Bangladesh)
BSSBase Station Subsystem
BSSBlind Source Separation (aka Blind Signal Separation)
BSSBlock Started by Symbol
BSSBusiness Support Services
BSSBroadcast Satellite Service
BSSBlessed Sacrament School (Springfield, Illinois)
BSSBernard-Soulier Syndrome
BSSBlind Signal Separation (aka Blind Source Separation)
BSSBishop Strachan School
BSSBilling Support System (telcommunications; as separate from OSS)
BSSBoeing Satellite Systems, Inc.
BSSBasic Social Services
BSSBlue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley song)
BSSBroadband Switching System (Bellcore)
BSSBlack Sheep Squadron
BSSBasic Safety Standard
BSSBritish Sleep Society
BSSBlack Sea Synergy
BSSBritish Secret Service
BSSBroad Street Studio (Providence, RI)
BSSBlock Storage Segment
BSSBasic Synchronized Subset (ITU-T)
BSSBharat Sevak Samaj (India)
BSSBotanical Society of Scotland
BSSBroad Street Subway (Philadelphia, PA)
BSSBrekeke SIP Server
BSSBrave Saint Saturn (band)
BSSBritish Standards Society (London, UK)
BSSBachelor of Science in Surveying
BSSBinary-Symmetric Source
BSSBatman's Shameful Secret (Something Awful Forums)
BSSBoeing Specification Support
BSSBlock Storage Start
BSSBendemeer Secondary School (Singapore)
BSSBartley Secondary School (Singapore)
BSSBureau of State Services
BSSBackup System Services
BSSBeatty Secondary School (Singapore)
BSSBackscattering Spectroscopy (neuron energy resolution)
BSSBayridge Secondary School (Ontario, Canada)
BSSBureau of Support Services (various locations)
BSSBureau of State Services (US)
BSSBelgium Security Service
BSSBowen Secondary School (Singapore)
BSSBase Service Store
BSSBasic Subsystem
BSSBase Station Substation
BSSBankruptcy Software Specialists, LLC (Tennessee)
BSSBackscatter Sounding
BSSBasset Support Solutions
BSSBackstage Supply (Kile Arts 2k, LLC)
BSSBoundary Security System
BSSBeechmont State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
BSSBlackstone Studios (Ireland)
BSSBroadband Switching and Signaling (Sprint)
BSSBus Switching System (military aviation)
BSSBit Stream Signed
BSSBattle Staff Supervisor
BSSBellcore Software Systems
BSSBasic Stalling Speed
BSSBroadbeach State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
BSSBeta Secondary System
BSSBarton Springs Segment (of the Edward Aquifer; Barton Springs, TX)
BSSBorder Security Sector (Kuwait)
BSSBline Speed Suppression
BSSBulk Storage Subsystem
BSSBenowa State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
BSSBlood-Stained Sputum
BSSBulgarian Software Solutions
BSSBit Synchronous Single-Wire (network protocol)
BSSBlue Snow Studio
BSSBed Shear Stress
BSSBusiness Solution Systems (Sri Lanka)
BSSBettahin Samabay Samity (Bangladeshi government program)
BSSBiologie Systémique et Synthétique (French: Biology and Synthetic Systems)
BSSBrooke Siren Systems Audio Ltd (UK)
BSSBâtiment de Soutien Santé (French: Health Support Vessel)
BSSBennoo Siggil Senegaal (Wolof: United to Boost Senegal)
BSSBusiness Software Systems
BSSBleached Softwood Sulphite (pulp & paper industry)
BSSBilan Social du Salarié (French employee assessment)
BSSBanque de Données du Sous-Sol (French: Database of Subsoil)
BSSBlue Square South (British football team; UK)
BSSBatik Shirt Shop (Hill, NH)
BSSBac-Sailly Sports (French sports club)
BSSBlog Secret Story (French website)
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These regions mainly consist of macro BSs and micro BSs.
Still, our mechanism can sleep more BSs than other methods for region 3 and region 4.
Urban regions include more BSs, so they can sleep more BSs with higher saving energy as well.
11, we can find that ES method will decrease regional RSRP strength as several BSs are slept.
Opposite pair and trigonal pair compensation solution for a single BS was analyzed in [9], but traffic distribution and compensation method are ideal.
Based on above analysis, an energy efficient BS cooperation mechanism with low complexity is proposed for LTE networks.
On the other hand, when an MS handover occurs from a serving BS ([BS.
X] denote a pair of public and private keys of X, where X can be MS (M), ASN G/W (A), or BS (X = 0, 1 for [BS.
However, since it induces a long latency to hinder a smooth handover, the WiMAX Forum introduces a Context Retrieval procedure between the target BS and ASN G/W.
then SK [left arrow] AK /* AK is already a session key between MS and BS */
is the ability to combat a compromised BS attack is a useful functionality, which will be more elaborated in Section 4.
Unless these messages are properly protected, an attacker can redirect data traffic for a victim MS to another BS.