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He was appointed in 1920 by the BSSB as a missionary to the Jews, and devoted the rest of his life to this work.
Allen had served as editor and head of editorial services for the BSSB from 1937 until his retirement in 1975.
In the same year that his BSSB history was recalled, Broadman published a fifth McBeth book, his Sourcebook for Baptist Heritage (1990), the well-received companion to the Baptist history text.
His review appeared in Facts and Trends, a publication of the BSSB, and predicted that the entire commentary would become the most valuable and most used resource in the library of the "preaching-teaching" pastor.
In the same issue, the Western Recorder carried an explanation from James Sullivan, executive-secretary of the BSSB, as to why The Broadman Bible Commentary was published.
40) Nearly every speaker who followed Edwards either criticized the commentary or the BSSB explicitly or implicitly.
He noted that the BSSB had published books to meet the needs of various Southern Baptist groups.
56) The convention voted to request the BSSB to withdraw volume 1 and have it rewritten from a more conservative position.
Two months after the convention in Denver, the elected trustees of the BSSB met at Glorietta, New Mexico.
In other significant action, board trustees instructed the staff of the BSSB to edit carefully all literature published in the future to be sure that interpretations of the Bible were consistent with the Baptist Faith and Message and with the generally accepted views of Southern Baptists.
Louis approved a motion by Kenneth Barnett of Oklahoma that the BSSB had not followed the convention's 1970 decision regarding the rewriting of volume 1 and that the Board must find a new writer and proceed with that ruling.
Owens called for members to work actively to elect a convention president who was conservative theologically, Turner offered to the group a motion he planned to present at the Philadelphia convention calling for the BSSB to withdraw the entire commentary and to enlist a group of thoroughly conservative writers to rewrite the entire set.