BSSEBasis Set Superposition Error (computational chemistry)
BSSEBachelor of Science in Sanitary Engineering (various schools)
BSSEBachelor of Science in Software Engineering (academic degree)
BSSEBachelor of Science in Secondary Education (various universities)
BSSEBachelor of Science in Systems Engineering (university degree)
BSSEBoat Safety Scheme Examiner (UK)
BSSEBuskaid Soweto String Ensemble (est. 1992; South Africa)
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An equation to shown on how to calculate BSSE is given the equation (2)
It is significant here not to announce the need for taking into account the values of the BSSE in the evaluation of energies of the donor-acceptor complexes studied in this work.
Table 1 gives also BSSE corrected complexation enthalpies.
We applied the BSSE correction to our HF, B3LYP, and MP2 results.
92 with BSSE correction), slopes are close (within standard error) to unity, and intercepts are smaller (in absolute values).
On the contrary, in all cases (with or without inclusion of trimethylphosphine and with or without BSSE correction) the smaller basis set gives better correlation as indicated by the somewhat larger [R.
Application of the BSSE correction by the counterpoise method overcorrected the error and gave systematically too low complexation energies.
We estimated the magnitude of the BSSE using the standard counterpoise correction method [40-41].
method, while being most consistent, yields some complexation energies with a slightly higher BSSE than expected.