BSSNBaltimore Student Sun photometer Network
BSSNBellingen Shire Support Network (Australia)
BSSNBradford Study Support Network (UK)
BSSNBusiness Support Services Network
BSSNBernstein, Shur, Sawyer and Nelson (Maine law firm)
BSSNBelarussian Scientific Society of Neurologists
BSSNBall State Sports Network (broadcasting; Muncie, IN)
BSSNBackup Subnetwork Supervision Node
BSSNBraunschweiger StadtSchulNetz
BSSNBill Stern Sports Newsreel
BSSNBernoulli Solutions and Systems Network
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Burkhard Schaefer is the lead architect of the AnIML format and co-founder of BSSN Software, an AnIML tools company.
The National Science Foundation has made commitments to the BSSN and ELOKA; Environment Canada provided pilot funding for the Canadian Community Monitoring Network (CCMN); and the Government of Canada supported the Circumpolar Flaw Lead Study during the IPY, which included a focus on TK and the links between "two ways of knowing" about flaw leads and the marine ecosystem (Pulsifer et al.
implementation Involving local BSSN Ensuring community stakeholders in the design involvement in data use and collection of and interpretation.