BSSWBarben, Salmler, Schmerlen, Welse (German: mullet, characins, loach, and catfish)
BSSWBachelors of Science in Social Work (degree)
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Our BSSW program has a rich history of a strong social justice emphasis and holds the distinction of being the oldest BSSW program in our region.
In late fall, BSSW students began the Human Behavior in the Social Environment II course, exploring development from a macro perspective.
Our school's BSSW Social Work Practice II course addresses specific skill sets necessary for working with small groups and families.
As noted above, by late fall, as BSSW students began the Human Behavior and the Social Environment II course, the massive media attention to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita had waned.
In summary, BSSW student evaluations and other feedback documented a significant impact of this engaging educational process on transformative learning (Witkin, 2007).
Similar to the BSSW experience described above, MSW classes began the weekend before Hurricane Katrina occurred.
The MSW Practice I instructor adapted the BSSW HBSE in-class evacuation exercise (described above).