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BSTBuy, Sell, Trade
BSTBureau de la Sécurité des Transports du Canada (Transportation Safety Board of Canada)
BSTBeastlord (gaming)
BSTBut Seriously Though
BSTBrazil Standard Time (GMT-0300)
BSTBand Segmented Transmission
BSTBasic Standards Training
BSTBlack Standard Temperature (Atlas Material Testing Solutions)
BSTBering Strait Time (GMT-1100)
BSTBall Shear Test
BSTBeacon Service Table
BSTBasic Standard Tests
BSTBehavioral Safety Technology
BSTBoresight Tower
BSTBovine Somatatotrophin hormone
BSTBase Support Team
BSTBackground Self-Test
BSTBoosted Session Transport protocol
BSTBeam Switching Tube
BSTBuilding Systems Technician (maintenance)
BSTBus Scheduler Task
BSTBleed Storage Tank
BSTBlowdown Suppression Tank
BSTBoron Storage Tank
BSTBlock Serial Tunnel (Cisco)
BSTBattle Support Team
BSTBasic Services Termination
BSTBid-Sample Testing
BSTBlue Sabre Transportation (gaming forum)
BSTBond Street Theater
BSTBuilders Ship Trial
BSTBalanced Spanning Tree
BSTBaraboo Senior Transportation (taxi pilot program)
BSTBurn Specialty Team
BSTBoresight Acquisition Mode
BSTBeam Stabilization Table
BSTBeacon Sensitive Trigger (TPX-42)
BSTBeth Sholom Temple (Fredericksburg, VA)
BSTBasket Sancéo Troyen (French basketball club)
BSTBreizh Spotting Team (French photography club)
BSTBiarritz Surf Training (France)
BSTBasic Service Tier
BSTBusiness Systems and Technology
BSTBrigade Spécialisée de Terrain (French: Specialized Field Brigade)
BSTBasic Survival Training
BSTBasse-Normandie Soudure Tuyauterie (French: Lower-Normandy Pipe Welding; Lower-Normandy, France)
BSTBattle Staff Training (US DoD)
BSTBiomedical Science Tower (University of Pittsburgh)
BSTBed Nuclei of the Stria Terminalis (neurology)
BSTBusiness Solution Team (New York)
BSTBiomedical Science and Technology
BSTBroadcast SMS (Short Message Service) Teleservice
BSTBrest Surfaces Technologie (French surface treatment company)
BSTBusiness Service Technology (education)
BSTBase Station Transceiver (GSM)
BSTBusiness Services Team
BSTBituminous Surface Treatment
BSTBell South Telecommunications
BSTBasic Surgical Training
BSTBinary Search Tree
BSTBlood Sweat and Tears (band)
BSTBallistic Silvertip (ammunition)
BSTBoundary Scan Test (ANSI/ IEEE Std 1149 1)
BSTBasic Skills Trainer
BSTBritish Summer Time (GMT+0100)
BSTBuilder's Sea Trial
BSTBusiness Software Technology
BSTBarium Strontium Titanate
BSTBase Shop Test
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The grain morphology of the powder and the microstructures of sintered BST were observed using a field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM).
In fact, the whole 2005 Year 3 BST reading stimulus contains only one nominalisation.
For Boge Distributors it ensures their technicians have up-to-date information and product training and for Boge customers it provides the assurance that their Boge compressor is in the safe hands of a qualified BST accredited technician.
In addition to its participation in IPL's Green Power Option, BST contributes to other Green causes and environmentally responsible organizations including the Nature Conservancy and the Indianapolis Zoo.
BST is also planning to add another SiCon process that will allow it to recycle plastics from electric and electronic scrap, according to SiCon.
7:57am BST (9:57am Athens) -Sarah Winckless and Elise Laverick winrowing bronze in women's double scull final.
Capacitors fabricated with BST as the dielectric material therefore have capacitance values that can be adjusted by applying a DC voltage across them.
The NASA culture change initiative was kicked off in March using a proprietary BST survey to conduct an agency-wide cultural assessment.
BST Pro Mark has unveiled its BST Genius Digital automated inspection and integrated closed-loop process control system for web printing applications.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-22 October 2002-Cambridge Broadband teams with BST in African fixed wireless market (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The federal health department still says it hasn't found any evidence that bovine somatotropin - BST - poses a threat to human health, but it could be because it is relying on biased information from the drug's manufacturer, Mansanto.
BST provides telecommunications services as Southern Bell in the southeastern United States.