BSTIBangladesh Standards and Testing Institute
BSTIBritish Section of the Third International (Communist Party; also seen as CP-BSTI)
BSTIBattelle Science and Technology International (Columbus, OH)
BSTIBurn and Shock Trauma Institute (Loyola University Medical Center)
BSTIByrne Software Technologies, Inc. (Chesterfield, MO)
BSTIBasic Scientific and Technical Information
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So, in line with BSTI, we aim to assist countries in establishing indigenous capacities in basic space technology and ensure adherence to regulatory frameworks.
BSTI was co-founded by two veteran police officers who have designed products with features officers would want.
This new Notification adds the use of BioShield's AM500, BSTI 1860 line of products to be utilized on exterior walls, including, but not limited to, brick, concrete, stone, stucco, wood and aluminum siding surfaces.
BULLETIN BOARD: BSTI) having previously owned approximately 52% of the company common stock prior to a spin-off of a portion of such shares to BSTI shareholders currently owns approximately 28% of Healthcare Network Solutions.
BSTI can open doors, she says, to public-sector customers, as well as contribute additional wireless technology and systems-integration expertise to the company.