BSTIBangladesh Standards and Testing Institute
BSTIBritish Section of the Third International (Communist Party; also seen as CP-BSTI)
BSTIBattelle Science and Technology International (Columbus, OH)
BSTIBurn and Shock Trauma Institute (Loyola University Medical Center)
BSTIByrne Software Technologies, Inc. (Chesterfield, MO)
BSTIBasic Scientific and Technical Information
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BSTI has already intensified its monitoring, he said and stressed the need for ensuring availability of Vitamin A premix.
61) By that time she advocated entering the CPGB to consolidate its left-wing, which the BSTI did at the second unity convention in Leeds.
We collected information from the BSTI on food sample testing results during 2005-2006 but details were unavailable due to confidentiality of the reports.
So, in line with BSTI, we aim to assist countries in establishing indigenous capacities in basic space technology and ensure adherence to regulatory frameworks.
BSTI (bank investment in government securities) like in equation (4) was never significant in influencing bank credit allocation in Nigeria.
This result is consistent with the structure of the BSTI (Burnett, 1996), which also was developed from thought-listing and presents a similar unbalanced number of categories.
BSTI Deputy Director Md Nurul Islam said they tested 18 samples of packed edible oil collected from refineries in Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna in January but they did not find required level of Vitamin A in 9 samples.
According to the proposed law, if anyone makes and markets goods without having the BSTI licence, they might face a 2 year imprisonment and a fine of Tk 1 lakh.
Cooperation to upgrade the BSTI is progressing well.
05, but Flaherty noted that the dramatic stock decline makes BSTI stock even more of a bargain with a total stock market valuation of only $3.
The Bangladesh delegation thanked the Indian side for already the recognition of the certificates of 21 food items by the BSTI side by side it requested India to give recognition to the rest six items.