BSTSBring Something to Share (volunteer gatherings)
BSTSBase Station Transceiver Subsystem
BSTSBetter Safe Than Sorry
BSTSBritish Society for the Turin Shroud
BSTSBackside Tailslide (skateboarding)
BSTSBradford Stage and Theatre School (UK)
BSTSBattle Staff Training System
BSTSBase Shop Test Station
BSTSBrumman Satellite
BSTSBattalion Staff Training System
BSTSBoost Surveillance & Tracking System
BSTSBallistic Surveillance and Tracking System
BSTSBrighton Secondary Technical School (UK)
BSTSBritish Shroud of Turin Society
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BSTS selected Spear 2000 to support the maintenance of more than 480 rail vehicles and locomotives.
Michael Thomas, Chairman of Spear Technologies, commenting on the project said, "We are extremely pleased that Spear 2000 will support this important project for BSTS.
BSTS assists users in a range of tasks, including design debugging, system integration, conformance and interoperability verification, and performance benchmarking of broadband equipment and networks.
All BSTS POS test solutions provide features that support verification of Point-to-Point protocol (PPP) link-establishment procedures, including support for the two PPP sub-protocols, Link Control Protocol (LCP) and IP Control Protocol (IPCP).
This latest BSTS ATM testing solution will help manufacturers deliver fully compliant, OAM-capable equipment that meets these expectations.
The new HP BSTS test applications provide comprehensive reference emulations for UNI and ILMI, plus a wide range of NNI and PNNI testing capabilities.
The BSTS now provides automated, reference-based tools for a wide range of R&D signalling verification and trouble-shooting requirements.
A stand-alone setup for the HP E4829B starts at $61,000, and extensions to the HP E4200/E4210 BSTS begin at $31,000.
The E4226B MPEG-2 protocol viewer also complements the HP E6271A MPEGscope ATM Test Application for the BSTS, which offers real-time MPEG-2 analysis.
When combined with existing HP BSTS applications, the HP E4214A application provides a comprehensive test solution that helps ensure proper implementation and functioning of signalling, which is critical to successful deployment of ATM(2) services over switched virtual circuits (SVCs).
The HP E4223A is a software application running on the E4209A/B cell protocol processor (CPP) of the HP BSTS and works with all ATM line interfaces supported by the CPP.
o predefined tests for cell-loss and cell-delay measurements; o BSTS compatibility (data and file format); and o PDU sequence libraries, plus a user program-conversion utility, for transferring BSTS programs onto the broadband internetwork analyzer.