BSTVBergen Student-TV (Norway)
BSTVBed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis
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moment, the only licensed suppliers are SIS and BSTV for pictures, and BSTV and Alphameric for data/text.
If they opt for newcomer BSTV, UK horseracing coverage will exclude the ten
Liverpool bookmaker Joe Phillips revealed yesterday that 300 independent betting shops, to which he is acting as consultant, will not be signing a deal with the provider BSTV until the company has issued its pricing policy next month.
BSTV, a joint venture between Essex entrepreneur John Holmes and the Italian-based company SNAI, has been granted a licence by the BHB and is the only challenger to SIS to deliver the product to betting shops.
Next, it's the classic BSTV BS advice show, Lover's Lounge, with special guest former MTV VJ Rikki Rachtman.
Tune in to see how the reality TV princess handles a BSTV actor, who comes to her with a 'less than kosher' dilemma
BSTV has indicated that its operation would be viable with 1,000 shops, at a cost to customers of about pounds 4,800, including equipment and text.
BSTV chairman John Holmes said yesterday: "An attractive, imaginative and cost-effective alternative package will be publicised very shortly.
Graham Wood, managing director of London-based BSTV, said: "We are a production company in our own right and have a broader cost-base than SIS.
SNAI, which has set up a joint venture known as BSTV (Betting Shop Television) to run the service, was named by the Racing Post in later editions yesterday on a shortlist of five contenders for BHB licences.
Remembering that Holmes tried to break into the betting shop pictures market through BSTV, he wondered whether W20.
Jim Biederman's credits include executive producing The Kids in the Hall, The Tom Green Show, The Howard Stern Radio Show, The Andy Dick Show, I'm With Busey, ILL-ustrated, BSTV, and Daisy Does America.