BSWEBoard of Social Work Examiners (various states)
BSWEBritish Scouts in Western Europe
BSWEBachelor of Science in Software Engineering
BSWEBucks Symphonic Wind Ensemble (UK)
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BSWE safely quiets the overactive immune response in psoriasis by reducing the pro-inflammatory effects of certain immune system cells.
Adults with chronic, stable plaque psoriasis affecting 2% or more of their body surface area consumed BSWE for two months.
This clinical trial showed that patients who supplemented with BSWE for two months had improved Physician's Global Assessment scores, compared with those who received placebo.
A study from 2008 uncovered even more evidence of how effectively BSWE fights psoriasis.
In doing so, BSWE provides a powerful yet safe treatment for the vast majority of psoriasis sufferers with mild-to-moderate forms of the disease.
While BSWE is not a psoriasis cure-all, it is certainly at the top of the list of safe and effective non-prescription treatments that can be used alone or as an adjunct to standard medical therapies.