BTACBranch Target Address Cache
BTACBicycle Trade Association of Canada
BTACBrigade de Transmissions et d'Appui au Commandement (French: Transmissions and Command Support Brigade)
BTACBengal Tiger Aquatic Club (swimming)
BTACBusiness Threat Awareness Council
BTACBorder Trade Advisory Committee (Texas)
BTACBeaucaire Tarascon Aquatic Club (France)
BTACBusiness Tax Advisory Committee (various locations)
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The BTAC was reinstated to examine a second wave of tax reform.
Alcatel recommends the BTAC system for use by vendors and carriers alike.
BTAC is a charitable nonprofit that aims to help the homeless, working poor, seniors, crime and disaster victims.
The ISO 9001:2000 certification underlines the BTAC commitment to providing high-quality commercial testing services for the communications industry, including equipment providers, carriers, CLECs and BellSouth.
A lot of people started volunteering at BTAC with the clothing house, and that's how they think of us,'' said Howell.
Plans call for a converted house on the existing BTAC lot at 1304 W.
Schumacher said she is unsure how much money BTAC will receive, but the incentive of being part of a fund-raising challenge helped BTAC.
What was being proposed for this year by BTAC wouldn't use the trust fund in any case,'' Liu said.
We are at full swing for the contest," said Youth International Speech Contest - BTAC 2008 chairman Ali Shahbaz Ali.
While BTAC would reduce the business tax by a mere 15 percent by 2011, Greuel-Garcetti aims for a more aggressive 25 percent cut over five years starting in 2006.
This groundbreaking performance will be celebrated in BTAC 2008.
Those attending the event ``can expect a lot of fun,'' said Sharon Kurges of BTAC.