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BTANBons du Trésor à Intérêts Annuels (French: Treasury Bill Annual Interest)
BTANBons du Trésor À Taux fixe et À Intérêts Annuels (French bonds)
BTANLes Bons du Trésor à Taux Fixe et à Intérêt Annuel (French Government Notes)
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In Miami, BTAN will launch the Post-Conference Update at CECOSIDA, 521 NE 81 ST, Miami, FL, 33321.
The Institute is pleased to partner with Merck, people living with HIV/AIDS, and community organizations to launch BTAN.
We are proud to support BTAN and partner with the Black AIDS Institute, AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and advocates across the country to launch this important initiative," said Patrick Bergstedt, senior vice president and general manager, Merck Infectious Disease Franchise.
BTAN aims to mobilize existing community leaders with appropriate training to create the backbone of a new era in Black American HIV/AIDS advocacy.
2972 per cent, or 32 basis points over the on-the-run five-year BTAN, the 5 per cent due January 2006, and 40.
This growth trend builds on the increase in net purchases by international investors of French OAT and BTAN from $8 billion euros in 1997 to $40 billion euros in 1998.
The new Paris desk will provide electronic brokerage services for Instinet's European clients, further strengthening its existing service in OATs and BTANs, both domestically and across Europe.