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BTBBack To Basics
BTBBusiness to Business (usually seen as B2B)
BTBbelieved-to-be (US DoD)
BTBBranch Target Buffer
BTBBad Taste Bear(s)
BTBBelize Tourism Board
BTBBob the Builder (cartoon)
BTBBody to Body
BTBBite the Bullet
BTBBreakthrough Bleeding
BTBBy the Book
BTBBig Team Battle (Halo 2)
BTBBumper to Bumper
BTBBride to Be
BTBBanca di Trento E Bolzano (Italian bank)
BTBBetween the Buttons (Rolling Stones album)
BTBBelow the Belt
BTBBeyond the Bell
BTBBrigade Troops Battalion (US Army)
BTBBeating the Blues (UK)
BTBBouchon de Tir à Blanc (French: Blank Firing Cap)
BTBBack to Business
BTBBack to Base
BTBBring That Booty
BTBBric-a-Brac, Tramtrack, Broad-complex (domain)
BTBBeyond the Beyond (game)
BTBBay to Breakers (annual footrace; San Francisco, CA)
BTBBoeuf de Tradition Bouchère (French: Traditional Beef Butcher)
BTBBig Ten Burrito (Ann Arbor, MI)
BTBBeyond the Breakers (offshore fishing)
BTBBus Tie Breaker
BTBBy The By
BTBBridge to Bridge (ship to ship communications)
BTBBasic Test Battery
BTBBromethymol Blue
BTBBefore the Bang (period just before the Big Bang)
BTBBritish Tourism Board
BTBBeyond the Body
BTBBelgische Transportarbeiders Bond
BTBBenoît Tapis Brosse (French carpet supplier)
BTBBad'in Town Bezak (French badminton club)
BTBBetter Than Beer
BTBBurton Third Bombers (dorm residents; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
BTBBritish Tourist Board
BTBBody Tune Box (magnetic resonance imaging)
BTBBlind Transmission Broadcast (clandestine communications)
BTBBrett Taylor Bailey (foundation)
BTBBig Town Bucks (online business)
BTBBeyond the Barre (est. 1999; Canada; dance studio)
BTBBoard Technical Bulletin (scientology)
BTBBotswana Tourism Board (est. 2004)
BTBBreak the Barriers
BTBBob's Track Builder (gaming software)
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The size of the BTB effect was smaller in areas of the country where these groups constituted a larger share of the population (the South for blacks, the West for Hispanics), and larger elsewhere.
A prospective study, conducted from July 1 to December 31, 2013, included 93 male patients of the average age 26 (15-44) in whom measurements of the patellar tendon and BTB graft were performed during the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Lanvin pink ruffled dress, Bloomingdale's, Dh17,885 BTB
The president of AzMeCo, Nizami Piriyev, said, 'We appreciate the cooperation with BTB Bank, which is an advanced and rapidly developing bank.
RTI says the BTB Select and BioCAP are both commercially available.
Narayan conceptualized the party bus with BTB co-owners Adam Lowenstein and Justin Herrick.
Black tea brew (BTB), green tea brew (GTB) and decaffeinated tea brew (DTB) were made by adding 2 g of respective tea samples to 100 mL boiling water and brewed for 5 minutes (Anonymous 1980) [yield (w/w) for BTB 43.
The 15th BTB provides essential support to the 15th Sustainment Brigade headquarters in garrison and while deployed.
The ENDOBUTTON[TM] CL BTB Fixation System is designed for use in reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee.
A conditional branch or BTB misprediction makes the fetch unit to supply invalid instructions for several cycles, reducing useful fetch bandwidth.
BTB has said the first album showed him getting used to the technology, the second was about fusing that technology with live musicians, while ``Clear'' is more about songs.