BTBPBeijing Tiantan Biological Products
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Our relationship with BTBP is expected to greatly accelerate our entry into the Chinese market," said Dr.
BTBP is the Special Vehicle Company approved for listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange; the parent company is National Vaccine & Serum Institute who currently owns over 66% after two private placements of the BTBP's shares, including 25 million public shares issued in 2003.
For the preparation of polyethylene doped with BTBP, a 5 kg batch of PE pellets was prepared by pouring a solution of dye (toluene solvent) over 25% of the pellets, allowing the solvent to evaporate, leaving behind BTBP coated pellets.
For BTBP, an air-cooled argon ion laser tuned to 488 nm (Melles Griot) was used, and for BOS and perylene, a xenon arc lamp, filtered with 10 nm bandpass filters centered at 365 nm and 405 nm, respectively, was used for excitation.
Measurements of fluorescence anisotropy of BTBP doped into polyethylene were carried out as a function of pressure drop (shear stress) during extrusion through the die.
7, we plot the results from extrusion of polyethylene doped with BTBP dye.
The value of anisotropy for BTBP in polyethylene at 180[degrees]C, 0.