BTCOBritish Trade and Cultural Office (UK government office; Taiwan)
BTCOBuild to Customer Order
BTCOBorder Terrier Club of Ontario (Canada)
BTCOBoston Terminal Company
BTCOBee Training and Conference Organizer (West Java, Indonesia)
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Unisys is uniquely positioned with its PW2 desktop platform, BTCO manufacturing process, desktop services and broad Microsoft technical expertise to help customers assess their current desktop investments and make a smooth and sensible enterprise-wide transition to the new operating system.
Plus, under its BTCO program, Unisys will assemble desktop systems to meet custom specifications.
The Unisys BTCO Program, implemented last year, was the industry's first built-to-order manufacturing process.
Now our customers will have an OS/2 option as part of our BTCO manufacturing and delivery process.