BtEBridges to Excellence
BTEBehind the Ear
BTEBaytex Energy Trust (Canada)
BTEBetter Than Ezra (band)
BTEBetter Than Expected
BTEBiphasic Truncated Exponential
BTEBrake Thermal Efficiency
BTEBaltimore Therapeutic Equipment
BTEBureau of Transport Economics (now Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics; Australia)
BTEBench Test Equipment
BTEBarrier to Entry
BTEBroadband Terminal Equipment
BTEBest Time Ever
BTEBusiness Technology Essentials (software)
BTEBureau des Temps Élémentaires (French: Office of Elementary Time)
BTEBois dans Tous ses États (French: Wood in All Its States)
BTEBattery Terminal Equipment
BTEB-ISDN Terminal Equipment
BTEBoltzmann's Transport Equation
BTEBase Terminating Equipment (telecommunications base station)
BTEBasse à Tessiture Étendue (French: Extended-Range Bass; musical instrument)
BTEBleached Tar Epoxy Paint
BTEBetter Than Everything (podcast)
BTEBest Technical Estimate
BTEBefore the Event (insurance)
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BTE hearing aids to compensate for the average type of hearing loss - 8 pcs .
3]'s requirements and now works with customers who submit their data for a performance assessment for scoring using the BTE Recognition Care program criteria.
It expects BTE to maintain a strong capital position and an improving funding profile, following the transformation of BTE into a universal bank allowed to collect deposits and not only focused on tourism financing.
BTE intends to commercialize a patent pending technology called direct liquefaction that produces bio-crude oil in a generator from biomass like wood, grass and cooking oils.
BTE, which would see only the passing grades, would forward the data to all plans, employers, and employer coalitions that participate in BTE initiatives.
Now BTE has just signed up to supply equipment to a Dutch cigarette manufacturer, and has also done deals to work with Italian and Spanish distributors.
1 qualification of WIDCOMM's BTE is further validation of WIDCOMM technology and affirms the company's leading role in the development of short-range wireless networking devices such as PCs, PDAs, network access points, headsets, mobile phones, printers, audio equipment and other consumer electronic devices.
The data also suggest that 25% of the listeners would not be willing to wear the BTE hearing aid after listening to filtered speech and observing themselves wearing a hearing aid.
The BTE program, sponsored by such founding companies as Verizon, General Electric, Ford, Proctor and Gamble, and the United Parcel Service, was launched in April 2003.
The ESPrit 3G is Cochlear's third-generation BTE speech processor but is the fifth-generation speech processor for the Nucleus 22 family of implants.
The company released two sound processors - the Clarion CII BTE and Clarion Platinum BTE - that work in conjunction with its inner-ear implants but are less unwieldy than the previous external attachments.
BTE will construct, own, and operate a crude oil gathering system in Divide and Williams Counties, North Dakota.