BTEABack to Education Allowance (Ireland)
BTEABenzyltriethylammonium (chemistry)
BTEABuilding Trades Employers' Association of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts (Braintree, MA)
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In the past, non-union labor was "mostly in the outer boroughs," said Louis Coletti, president and CEO of the BTEA.
The BTEA and Unionized contractors have agreed to the following terms:
The BCTC and BTEA will determine if the PLA will be extended and made available to projects starting after June 30, 2010 based on economic performance in the coming year.
Public and worker safety is the highest priority for BTEA contractors and the important changes we are recommending reinforces our members' commitment to making job sites accident-free," said Coletti.
For projects below 10 stories, the BTEA is recommending that every worker receive a 10-hour OSHA training card, which is the same procedure that is required on public works projects over $250,000 in New York State and also required for projects in New York City 10 stories and above.
The BTEA is also calling on the Council to allocate additional funding to the Buildings Department to increase safety.
The BTEA will hold its first technical assistance session with MWBE contractors in partnership with the New York City Department of Small Business Services on April 29, 2015.
Coletti and the BTEA are members of the Scaffold Law Reform coalition, and along with their partners, say this reform is essential to the future of the construction in New York State.
For more information, please visit the BTEA website at www.
Caption: The Building Trades Employers' Association (BTEA) hosted "Meet the Owner: A BTEA Project Case Study," an in-depth case study of Hines' MoMA Tower.
19: The Building Trades Employers' Association (BTEA) will host the upcoming event "Meet the Owner: A BTEA Project Case Study," which will feature an in-depth case study of Hines' MoMA Tower and presentations from Hines, Ateliers Jean Nouvel and Lend Lease.
Prior to joining the BTEA, he served as City Administrator for the Mayor's Office in Plainfield, New Jersey.