BTILBaltimore Technologies Investments Limited (London, UK)
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Unit sales volume for the first half of 1996 is triple that of the same period last year as a result of large volume sales to other BTIL licensees.
Based on the multi-million dollar purchase order for RAM (TM) manufacturing equipment received in October from the White Group, the Thai partner of the RAM (SEA) consortium and the intention of the consortium's Indonesian partners to open a second RAM (TM) production facility in Indonesia in the next two to three years, we are very pleased to expand the territory of this significant license," stated Stephen Meldrum, Managing Director of BTIL.
to the European marketplace, having a manufacturing licensee in Ireland will complement and support the efforts of BTIL in developing applications suitable for the OEM market as well as other aspects of the research and development program in Ireland.
Of further merit is the ability to quickly convert existing primary manufacturing equipment allowing Sapphire to begin RAM production more rapidly and, accordingly, for the revenue stream of royalties to BTIL to commence.