BTMSBrake Temperature Monitoring System (Aircraft)
BTMSBrier Terrace Middle School (Washington)
BTMSBattalion Training Management System
BTMSBattery Thermal Management System
BTMSBody Temperature Measuring System
BTMSBe The Movie Star (online casting community)
BTMSBromotrimethylsilane (chemistry)
BTMSBusiness Technology Management Systems (Cyprus)
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The transaction is expected to bring additional resources to BTMS customers, including an expanded portfolio of tailored products and services and broader category management capabilities.
In the near future, BTMS will re-brand to Readerlink Marketing Services, and BTPG will re-brand to Printers Row Publishing Group.
Abad said the BTMS project will improve fiscal and budget management and strengthen the transparency and accountability measures implemented under the Aquino administration.
Meanwhile, Budget Undersecretary and Chief Information Officer Richard Moya said BTMS will complement the Updated PFM Roadmap strategy in emphasizing an incremental approach and consolidating progress around a number of key PFM reforms.
Pursuant to the National Governments Updated Public Financial Management Reform Roadmap, the BTMS would link the financial processes of the DBM and the BTr, helping collect and organize government financial information in a central database to support the following PFM functions: Budget Management, Commitments Management, Payments Management, Receipts Management, Cash Management, Accounting, and Fiscal Reporting.
Moya said the BTMS will take its place as a pillar in the Aquino administrations overall reform program, together with other reform initiatives: a streamlined reporting system, a functional Unified Accounts Code Structure (UACS), an operational Treasury Single Account (TSA), and an institutionalized Performance-Informed Budgeting (PIB).
But David Chapple, the BTMS event director, said companies could not afford to "ignore the importance of being green".
BTMS, MIBWorks, My Vital, VitalAgent, VitalAnalysis, VitalHelp, VitalNet and VitalSuite are trademarks and NetCare is a registered trademark of Lucent Technologies.
The winners will be announced at BTMS at Earl's Court, London on February 10.