BTOPBuilding Trades Organizing Project (Las Vegas, NV)
BTOPBasic Training Orientation Program
BTOPBroadband Technology Opportunities Program (US DOC)
BTOPBooks to Oregon Prisoners
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This failure of libraries in the first round of BTOP funding was a
Strickling called the agency's oversight of the projects "vigorous," with each grantee required to submit quarterly reports on the progress of their BTOP projects.
Ozinga, who took on the Nevada BTOP directorship last year, said that in the last two years the local building trades unions "have grown aggregately by more than 7,000 members -- a 35 percent increase.
159) According to NTIA's report on BTOP grant awards, middle mile
The company's marketing director, Vernon Brown, explained, "It took about two to three months from submittal to response, and we believe we were the first--or one of the first--to get it [FONSI] completed under BTOP (the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program).
Tom Power, NTIA's chief of staff, also delivered an update on his agency's initiatives, including BTOP oversight and the development of a national broadband map, both outlined in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act enacted earlier this year.
The ARRA states that NTIA shall establish the BTOP as expeditiously as practicable, ensure that all awards are made before the end of fiscal year 2010, and seek assurances from grantees that projects supported by the programs will be substantially completed within two years following an award.
The winners of funding in the early rounds of BTOP and BIP awards already have been announced.
5 million BTOP grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.
Given the demand for funding--which will have BIP making loans and grants for rural broadband infrastructure projects, and BTOP providing grants for infrastructure, public computer centers and sustainable broadband adoption projects--NTIA is reconsidering future funding rounds.
Both programs, especially the NTIA's BTOP, emphasize collaboration with "community anchor institutions," and, in Russell's words, "that message really got through.