BTOPBuilding Trades Organizing Project (Las Vegas, NV)
BTOPBasic Training Orientation Program
BTOPBroadband Technology Opportunities Program (US DOC)
BTOPBooks to Oregon Prisoners
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Under the BTOP, more than 74,000 miles of fiber should be built throughout the United States.
This failure of libraries in the first round of BTOP funding was a
39) As of October 1, 2010, all BTOP and BIP award announcements were complete.
ZeroDivide Tribal represents the Tribal Digital Village (TDV) Broadband Adoption Program, which is another BTOP participant that is leapfrogging the digital divide in 19 tribal communities across Southeastern California by providing digital literacy training (BTOP 2010b).
In addition to our regularly served patrons, the program should encourage participation from those not typically served by the BTOP program.
However, core inner-city residents also have lower levels of broadband adoption (45%) compared to suburbanites (51%, NTIA, 2007) and the majority of ARRA infrastructure grants through the NTIA's BTOP program were targeted, at least in part, to urban populations (LaRose et al.
The centerpiece of the BTOP grant is NJWorks@yourlibrary, a public awareness campaign and website (www.
Strickling called the agency's oversight of the projects "vigorous," with each grantee required to submit quarterly reports on the progress of their BTOP projects.
Each organization is coming up with its own plan for using the BTOP funding, explains Luckey.
2010-34 provides that the IRS will not challenge the treatment of payments made through the BTOP as nonshareholder contributions to capital under Sec.
Comprehensive Community Infrastructure BTOP grants awarded thus far)
At press time, BTOP had already offered 66 awards worth about $300 million and planned to complete the first round of grants in March.