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BTRLBritish Telecom Research Laboratories
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anthracis was identified in letter C from media outlet 1, two other letters (A and B) were received and tested by BTRL.
The BTRL coordinator was also appointed to work in conjunction with CDC and DOD teams.
Within days of the initial event on October 12, all the essential elements of BTRL were in place.
Figure 2 shows the flow of a sample as it enters the BTRL.
At the peak of the surge, BTRL was testing 60-100 samples per 24-hour shift.
With minor variations, the PHL had a fully functional BTRL running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within the first week.
Account for transfer of the participation guarantee is RO60 BTRL 46XX 0270 1202 1673 opened at Transilvania Bank Branch Targu Mures, RO 14056826.