BTSEBeijing Techview System Engineering Co. Ltd. (China)
BTSE1, 2-Bis Triethoxysilyl Ethane (chemical compound)
BTSEBiologically Treated Sewage Effluent (environmental science)
BTSEBase Ten Systems Electronics Gmbh (Germany)
BTSEBoard of Tax Service Examiners (Oregon)
BTSEBasic Time Scale Equation (mathematics)
BTSEBillington Thermal Sonic Energy (stock symbol)
BTSEBodyTalk South East (UK)
BTSEBase Transceiver Station Entity
BTSEBilingual Technical Software Engineer (job title)
BTSEBFTT Training Software EW
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A good adhesion value, similar to that of the monosilanes, is also obtained for the specimen pretreated with 25% BTSE bis-silane, which does not have an organofunctional group to bond with the paint.
However, the type of failure obtained in this case with 25% BTSE, and with the other tested bis-silane, 25% BAS, was cohesive but with different points of adhesive failure, as can be seen in Fig.
The coatings containing bis-sulfur and BTSE silane fared best, reducing water uptake by 78% and 77%, respectively.
Table 1 -- Percentage of Organosilanes in Acrylic Coating Formulations Coating Components, wt% Bis-amino/VTAS Coating ECO-CRYL BTSE Bis-sulfur (5:1, w/w) (a) A 100.
BTSE has built a diligent, experienced and well trained team-many of which are Cisco certified CCNP and CCIE engineers.
BTSE has built a diligent, experienced and well trained team -- many of which are Cisco certified CCNP and CCIE engineers.
Some of BTSE customers include; Ning Xia Population Control Bureau, Chong Wen Education Administration, Xing Jiang Military Division, He Bei Province Economic Development Bureau, Qin Zhong Merchant Bank, Chang Sha Navigation Affair Administration Bureau, Jiang Xi Province Education Administration, Qing Dao Hospital, Qing Dao City Navigation Affair Administration Bureau, China Cotton Network, Beijing Engine Manufacturer, Beijing Language School, and the Shang Xi Province School of Chemical Engineering.
BTSE provides CHVC with another important building block in supporting our contracts with the Chinese Government for our patented office automation applications and integrated voice and data solutions.