BTSPBlack-Throated Sparrow (Amphispiza bilineata, bird species)
BTSPBoat Tail Soft Point
BTSPBottleneck Traveling Salesman Problem (mathematics)
BTSPBicycle Transportation Strategic Plan (California)
BTSPBack to School Program
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6] times, and whatever 'best solution value' is found, is considered as optimal solution value for the BTSP instance.
Our hybrid sequential constructive sampling algorithm incorporates a combined mutation operator to the sequential constructive sampling algorithm for BTSP.
15] developed a heuristic algorithm called binary search threshold (BST) algorithm for the BTSP and reported results for some symmetric TSPLIB instances using IBM PC.
The general BTSP was first considered by Gabovic et al.
The efficiency of the hybrid sequential constructive algorithm to the BTSP as against algorithm of Ramakrishnan et al.
Both the TSP and the BTSP are well known NP-hard combinatorial optimization problems.
are components of the BTSP, but the most accurate one-word description is unity.
For old-time BTSPs that means discovering and rediscovering homesteading and simple living techniques, methods, tricks, the workable answer to all those BTSP questions.
The individual BTSP displays a respect for the privacy and personal space of others, but helps when the needs of others arise.
I have been disturbed by comments that BTSPs seem to be self-serving, self-preserving isolationists.
Because of our location in a rapidly urbanizing area, we have had the wonderful experience of meeting hundreds of would-be and just-starting BTSPs.
The choice here is a toss up between the Graf/Hornady BTSP and the Prvi Partisan FMJ bullets.